These are 5 years old!
I wear these all the time, but had to wear them on 09.29.




mandy28247 asked:

Can I buy those more and mindys

sorry not for sale



Sample Janoskis, never before released. Featuring premium croc leather, black midsole, gum outsole, gold swoosh and leather laces.


Black Mesh Janoski Mids, Asia release only.

betweenthesole asked:

Good looks on the fast responses. And another question (sorry for so much lol). But do you remember what paper it was you used?

Oh I’m not sure, it was just a highquality photo print paper.


betweenthesole asked:

Oh okay cool. I make them as well but I'm trying to find a way to get them printed on my own. I saw in one of your old posts that it looked like you found a paper to print them on.

Yeah dude! Initially I got it printed on sticker paper at kinkos. The 2nd time I used a high quality ink jet printer, on high quality paper that I just glue on. My tag in my sneaker photos I laminated.

betweenthesole asked:

Hey how did you make the sneaker labels when you were making them?

Yeah dude! I scanned one into Photoshop and found the right font. I still make them. I have a gold box and I currently use my pinkbox template. I still make them, only if a shoe is missing one.