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I’m beginning to like them as highs over lows.

Quality is obviously worse, would’ve loved a Tiff high from 2005.

Still my favorite dunk.
Restore or just take care of your shoes. These look great in any condition.


Ending #7daysofnsb with these.

I particularly think it’s fitting, because “NSB” to me, stands for “Nike Skateboarding” yes, but it also represents the fam and community that supported my love for sneakers.

These are a custom by the legendary Sharp020 (I wish he was still customizing), and it’s a variation of the “N-SB” dunk that he made for various members.

These are actually a revision of my custom, HERE is the first “sample” with lots of photos from inspiration and the construction process.

There were even fakes being made of that design which is insane!

And go to HERE for the pictures of the final design if you’re interested.

The quality on these is out of control.

"Info: Nike Dunk High SB  Sunburst Green/Silver. These were a remake that I made for N-SB member Cemeterydrive. The last one had some mistakes I had to solve, this time around he asked me to use silver for the swoosh. I also decided to use real suede, a softer lining, thicker padding, bigger quilting and non fraying backing materials. The end result came out much better then the first."

-Black croc skin (similar to the Premier Low dunks): toecap, flaps and heel.

-3M Silver: lace holes (eyelets) and tab on the back heel

-Black Suede: toe box and upper heel (above the tab on the back heel)

-3M green: double swoosh and back heel (underneath the swoosh where there are 4 lines of stitching)

-Green quilt liner

-Green sunburst printed midpanel

-Space Tiger laces

and everything is held together with green contrast stitching.

These mean a lot to me.





Finally completed my Supreme Blazer set! (again). 

A HUGE shoutout to my fellow customizer and friend for my special birthday present. An idea became a reality, thanks to Jwizvr6’s amazing custom talent.
Featured on Sneaker News and N-SB.


Cleaning my week’s rotation.